Start my Entry into the Asian Market

The core of what we do at Australia Market Entry is to represent your business in-market and be your team on the ground to accelerate growth. We do this by carrying your business cards and email addresses and helping to prove and grow the market in Australia and New Zealand.

Account Plan

Map target customers, prioritise, account plan.


Identify target roles and create role specific content for each.


Outreach to prospects and nurture through omnichannel methods.


Establish interest, qualify and hand over to your sales rep

Closing Deals

In the absence of a local team, we manage opportunities to closure on your behalf.


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Increase pipeline

Through our outbound Demand Generation services, we create and manage new pipeline for you in-market. We ensure that pipeline keeps building until you are ready to put someone on the ground.

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Grow revenue

Based on the new pipeline that we will help you create, we aim to also start closing those deals on your behalf. We ensure that you have a local salesperson that will follow-up, facilitate and close deals with you supporting from your HQ.

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Customer satisfaction

 Once deals are closed, it is important to keep customers happy. This service will ensure that your customers have a local point of contact for any post sales questions, and ensure that the chances of customer success are high.

"The team at Asia Market Entry have been valuable partners to Microsoft, going in together to empower our segment of ISV partners to grow beyond their home markets. Their strong understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem, the B2B sales channel, and the South East Asian enterprise market sets them apart. Moreover, their approach is very personable and relationship-based while taking a deep interest in their clients' products and services. They are a valuable partner to have on your side for any company looking to thrive in Asia.

Nitish Gera, Sr. Partner Development Manager (Digital Natives/Strategic Recruit), Microsoft Sr. Partner Development Manager (Digital Natives/Strategic Recruit) company logo